Guided tours

A professional guide can enliven an exhibition, providing a more comprehensive understanding of a specific theme.

Weekdays Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm
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In the middle of the room, there are two life-sized dolls portraying an elderly couple. The man is sitting on the sofa, and the woman is standing by the table. The room is tinted in shades of red.

Introduction – Welcome to Museum Milavida!

You will receive a brief introduction to the Näsilinna palace, both its history and the present day. The permanent and temporary exhibitions at Museum Milavida are described as well. Depending on the occasion, it is possible to give the introduction inside the Museum Milavida exhibitions, in the Näsilinna lobby or Café Milavida (both on the ground floor).

Guided exhibition tours for groups

The guided tour takes our visitors around the exhibitions at Museum Milavida. The guide gives the participants interesting information about the exhibitions in compact form. The tour takes an hour. You can choose to take a tour of the main exhibition The Nottbecks: Cosmopolitans of Tampere (1 h), or of the main exhibition and the temporary exhibition (45 min + 15 min / 30 min + 30 min).

Duration: about 60 min
Group size: max. 25 persons
Languages: Finnish, English.
Swedish, French (Please check availability).
Price: Admission fees + €80 on weekdays and on weekends

The Architecture of Milavida

The guided tour provides an exploration of the architecture and style of the Milavida Palace, both indoors and outdoors. During the tour, participants will hear stories about the long and eventful history of Milavida, from the construction of the palace to the present day. The tour will offer a general overview of the different architectural styles and interesting details visible in the building, as well as discuss alterations to the interior and exterior spaces over the years. Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather! The tour has been developed in collaboration with the Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum.

Duration: Approx. 45-60 minutes

Promenade tour in the Palace Park

The historical buildings of Näsinkallio and the impressive statues become familiar as the guide shares stories about the park's history in the picturesque surroundings. Where does the name Milavida come from? And what about the mysterious bronze miniature statues found along the path? The tour starts from the main doors of Näsilinna. Remember to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes!

Duration: Depending on the group's pace, approximately 1–1.5 hours.

An old photograph of a building.

Sweet view of Milavida – promenade tour at the residencies of the Nottbecks

The Nottbeck family owned and built several buildings on the side of Tammerkoski rapids. Which fruits were grown in the greenhouse? Where was the wooden Milavida? The tour goes from Milavida via the Finlayson Palace, Finlayson church, and Stable Yards back to Milavida. The tour starts from the main doors of Näsilinna. Remember to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes! The tour is not fully accessible.

Duration: Depending on the group's pace, approximately 1–1.5 hours.

Christmas at the Palace

During the Christmas season, the main exhibition at Museum Milavida is adorned in festive attire, and the palace is imbued with a Christmas atmosphere. On the Palace Christmas tour, we delve into the Christmas celebrations of the 19th-century aristocracy. How did Christmas taste in the olden days? How were the homes of affluent families decorated for Christmas? What kind of gifts might the von Nottbeck family have exchanged? How was time spent during the Christmas holidays? Come and immerse yourself in the atmosphere and reflect on the message of Christmas!
Duration: 45-60 min

Note: The Palace Christmas tour can be organized at Museum Milavida only in November-December.