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Museum Milavida

COVID restrictions until 4.2.2022. The museum is open normally, but the number of visitors is restricted to 10 per exhibition space. We don’t require a COVID passport, but the use of a face mask is required. Please remember to take care of good hand hygiene and maintain safety distance to other customers. All events and guided tours are cancelled until 4th of February.

Museum Milavida is a unique museum in Tampere. Its main exhibition sheds light on the life of the Nottbecks, a truly cosmopolitan family who lived in Tampere. The museum also houses a fashion or design exhibition that changes every year. One ticket grants access to both exhibitions.

The Nottbecks – Cosmopolitans of Tampere

The exhibition presents the glamorous and international lifestyle of the Nottbeck family, the owners of Finlayson cotton mill. The Nottbecks lived in Tampere from the 1830s until the early 20th century, when the last members of the family left the city after years filled with both success and sad losses. The enthralling exhibition combines impressive authentic objects and modern audiovisual technology. Read more.

Back to the 1920s

Museum Milavida reverts to the cheerful 1920s! Beaded dresses lure customers into prohibition-defying restaurants, silent films run in cinemas and fashionable swimwear is shown off at the beach. Jazz is playing in the background, and life is carefree!

Guided tours

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Museum Milavida is surrounded by a beautiful park.

Café Milavida

The museum café, Cafe Milavida, offers visitors tasty salads and both sweet and savoury pies and pastries.

Museum shop

Here you will also find gifts and souvenirs to remember your museum visit by!