Contact information

Museo Milavida

Näsilinna, Milavidanrinne 8

33210 Tampere

tel. +358 408314054


Museum Milavida is located on the cliff Näsinkallio, at the northern end of Hämeenpuisto. Näsinkallio is a park that cannot be accessed by car. The nearest car parks are P-Plevna, P-Anttila, and P‑Frenckell. You can also take a bus: TKL busses no. 2, 13, and 80 stops nearby (the stop is ‘Näsinkallio’).

Parking for the disabled

Museum Milavida has one parking space for disabled visitors. It is to the left of the main entrance, by the building’s side facing lake Näsijärvi. How to get there: Turn from Paasikiventie onto Näsijärvenkatu at the Mustalahti junction towards the city centre. From Näsijärvenkatu, take a left onto Kuninkaankatu. Drive up the slope along Milavidanrinne to the museum.

Car parks

The car park P-Plevna is at the heart of the Finlayson area. The same building houses the Finnkino cinema Plevna and the Plevna brewery pub and restaurant. In the building opposite, you can find the commercial centre Siperia and Finnish Labour Museum Werstas. Museum Milavida and Tallipiha, with its boutiques and events, are within walking distance. The entrance at Polttimonkatu 5.

P-Frenckell is on the north side of Keskustori (the central square). Nearby, you will find the theatre Tampereen teatteri and city offices. There’s a heated tunnel from the warm parking facility to the restaurants in the Finlayson area, as well as the cinema. The entrance is at Frenckellinaukio, Aleksis Kiven katu 14.

For more information
about Museum Milavida contact
Intendant Mari Lind
tel. +358 40 801 6547

For public relations contact
Communications Coordinator
Tähtitalvikki Poikajärvi
tel. +358 50 321 1189

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